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Spectrometer for Paint Colors-Find the Shade of Color you Desire!

Spectrometer for Paint Colors-Find the Shade of Color you
Spectrometer for Paint Colors-Find the Shade of Color you


Spectrometer: What is it?

It is amazing that nowadays, one is capable of discovering the code of any color. The only thing you need is a piece of cement, a painted lid, even some dry paint on a piece of paper!

The device that allows us to retrieve the code of any color is the Spectrometer. We can reproduce in high accuracy any shade that the Spectrometerscans and through our computer, we are able to create the hue of the sample in acrylic, plastic paints, enamel paints, even oil paints.

How does a Spectrometer work?

The light consists of electromagnetic waves which when interacting with the matter, they are absorbed, reflected or spread through it. Observing the interaction of light with the matter, we are able to collect information concerning the structure of matter and generally speaking, its quality and quantity.

For the most precise analysis of the matter, proper visual systems have been developed, known as Spectrometers (Absorption Spectrometers)that can instantly, quickly and precisely analyze the spectrum of light once it has interacted with the matter.

Measuring the absorption of a bunch of light of specific wavelength from a sample and creating an absorption-concentration curve, we can draw useful conclusions concerning the type, structure and concentration of a substance contained in the sample.

In order to retrieve Codes of Colors, the Spectrometers proceed to a photometric accuracy check. While checking, many different measurements are realized sequentially and directly as well as comparisons with calibrated standard pallet samples. Additionally, each color codification that we want to reproduce is precisely estimated.

You can now find a Spectrometer for Paint Colors at our Best Shops stores of Skopelos and Skiathos islands and discover easily and quickly the code of color you desire!