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Chalk Paint – What is it and why should I choose it?

Χρώμα Κιμωλίας

Chalk Paint – What is it and why should I choose it?

Chalk Paint is a special, decorative paint mainly used for antique techniques on furniture, walls, floors, etc. It is a type of paint mostly derived from the admixture of calcium carbonate, coloring agents and water (water-soluble paint).

It can be applied on furniture and wooden surfaces, on metal, glass, plaster or ceramic surfaces as well as on surfaces made of fabric, plastic, leather, etc. In many cases, it can be used on its own whereas in other cases, applying primer for greater adhesion of color beforehand would be recommended.

Chalk Paint: Which are the features of it?

As you already guess, the chalk paint can indeed be used everywhere. Particularly, if you are the person who loves a vintage antique decoration or just want to add to your room a romantic or boho touch, then you should choose this type of paint. Applying it is a very easy procedure, it is completely odorless and offers a velvet matte texture on the surface where applied. 

  • Excellent adhesion: Especially on wooden surfaces, the adhesion of the color is great. It can be applied on surfaces already painted or non-painted and does not entail rubbing beforehand. On other surfaces, such as metal or plastic ones that do not have pores, it is advisable to use primer first.
  • Odorless: Paint the desired surface easily, without any annoyance of smell.
  • Quick dry: You can touch the surface you painted in only 45-60 minutes! However, the chalk paint will keep “tightening” for a few days (about 1-2 weeks).
  • Surfacing: Once the chalk paint has been applied and dried, it leaves a velvet matte surface, offering a sense of “warmth” and softness!
  • Durability: As the chalk paint can wear away easily and very soon because of the use of the objects, it is advisable to apply some protective varnish or wax afterwards.  In other words, if you paint a furniture that you frequently use or clean, just apply some varnish. On the other hand, if you want to paint a frame hanging on the wall, then applying varnish is not necessary.

Chalk Paint: How can be applied?

The time has come and you have decided to paint a piece of furniture or an object with chalk paint. Applying chalk paint is very easy, even for the most novice people in painting. Read the steps below that will lead to a fantastic result:

  • Of course, before applying the chalk paint, the surface of the object should be totally clean. Clean it with a damp piece of fabric and leave it dry completely. While drying, you can stir the chalk paint with a piece of wood or brush very well. The chalk paint does not need to be dissolved!
  • As already mentioned, several surfaces may need primer before applying the chalk paint. In such cases, rub the surface softly and apply the primer, then clean the surface very well with a damp fabric and go on painting.
  • Use a very good brush in order to apply the paint on the object. Use enough quantity so as a thick layer of paint be created. Of course, you could rather use a paint roller instead of brush.
  • When you finish painting, wait about two hours before proceeding to the second application of chalk paint.
  • We remind you that if it is an object that you frequently use, it is suggested you apply protective varnish or wax in the end. This will help stabilize the paint and more importantly its durability and endurance.

Should I use primer before applying the Chalk Paint?

As we already said, on several surfaces, one could skip this step in order to save time and money. However, we would recommend you use primer before applying the Chalk Paint for the following reasons:

  • Maximizing the Endurance: Using primer – particularly on surfaces without pores – will maximize the durability of the paint against impacts as well as its endurance. 
  • Uniform absorption of the paint: Some surfaces, such as walls or some types of wooden surfaces do not absorb paint evenly, thus creating scattered spots. Therefore, the primer will prevent such unpleasant results.

Chalk Paint: Finally, should I use varnish or wax after applying it?  

In this question, we would suggest the same as with the use of primer. Indeed, it may not be necessary to use varnish or wax, especially on objects that are not used frequently. However, we would highly recommend you use it, mainly because it will maximize the endurance of color. Below you will find the options you have concerning the surfacing with wax or varnish:

  • Water-based varnish: Ideal for furniture with high demands, i.e. tables, counters, chairs. Use water-based varnish in order to prevent wear caused from impacts, hot or frozen objects and various stains. This type of varnish is odorless and comes out in matte or glossy version. Furthermore, it has far greater endurance as compared with wax. However, it cannot be preserved so easily and one has to pay attention when applying it as it may leave stains if more than the proper quantity is used. Suitable for interior use.
  • Wood Varnish: Ideal for outdoor objects or furniture such as in your garden or veranda. The wood varnish will protect your furniture/objects from harsh weather conditions such as the sun, humidity or rain, offering to the chalk paint high endurance. It is available in matte, glossy or satin version. Suitable for both interior and exterior use.  
  • Wax: That is the usual option for surfacing. The wax offers a “velvet” matte texture to the object you just have painted, it provides a uniform effect and is easy to be applied and preserved. It protects from scratches and moisture and enhances the hue of the chalk paint. Suitable for interior use.

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