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Decorate your Kitchen with Plants!

Decorate your Kitchen with Plants!

You certainly know that plants offer a sense of euphoria and relaxation while simultaneously acting as an exceptional decoration for your balcony or even for the interior of your house.

If you are thinking about adding indoor plants, putting pots with plants and herbs in your kitchen would be a great option! Apart from their decorative feature, they may also be practical as they can purify the indoor air and also, some of them could be used while cooking. Do not forget! Freshly cut herbs will offer freshness as well as a strong aroma, elements that will surely enhance your meal! Needless to say, having plants and in a general sense “nature” in your kitchen will make you more creative thus cooking a variety of recipes with more enthusiasm!

Which are the ideal spots in a kitchen to put plants?

At first, before putting plants in your kitchen, you should consider the spots where there is plenty of natural light. Some ideal spots could be:

  • Small pots on open wooden shelves
  • Hanging baskets or pots
  • Small flower boxes (jardinières) hanging on the wall or on the window ledge
  • Pots besides the basin or placed in a fruit dish
  • Air plants on the window or hanging on the walls
  • In case of clinging plants, let them hang over and “embrace” your cupboards, the window, the counter, etc.

Of course, there are also houseplants that can be adapted to relatively shady places. Therefore, you have the option of plants for kitchens not so sunny.

Best houseplants for a Kitchen:

Below, we will detail several houseplants that would ideally suit your kitchen, promising to decorate it to the fullest!

  • Ivy: This is a plant with no special requirements. Place the ivy in a high spot (e.g. on a high shelf or on the fridge) and let it “spread” downwards, adding a green color in your kitchen! The ivy will clean the air of your kitchen, removing pollutants and mold.
  • Pothos (Epipremnum aureum): Another low-maintenance houseplant, highly resistant and adaptable to any brightness level, enduring the drought. Ideally put it in a high spot so as its foliage will fall downwards, perfectly “dressing” your cupboards!
  • Aloe Vera: Certainly, you already know the beneficial properties of aloe vera. Its gel can be used either externally as it can treat skin problems, burns, refreshing the skin or internally as gel or juice as it has great effectiveness in digestive and intestinal disorders. In addition, it is a resistant plant, ready to purify the indoor air. However, make sure that it is placed in a particularly bright spot. Extra tip: Aloe vera belongs to the class of succulents which store quantities of water in their foliage thus being drought-tolerant plants. Except for the aloe vera, you may have more succulent plants in your kitchen, such as echeveria, crassula or sedum.
  • Chlorophytum comosum: Also known as “spider plant”, this is one of the most resistant and low-maintenance plants, likewise Pothos. Place it in a bright spot – ideally in a hanging basket. However, be careful not to expose it directly to sunlight, as it may cause burns on its foliage. The chlorophytum comosum purifies the air by removing pollutants, effluviums and smells.
  • Sansevieria: Sansevieria is an ideal houseplant. Also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” or “snake plant”, Not only does it purify the air but, according to Feng Shui, it also drives the negative energy away.It does not require special care and can adapt to either shady or brighter places.
  • Air Plants: These plants can be the ultimate green indoor decoration as you can let them thrive in any kind of “pot”, such as shells, vases, woods, fishbowls and anything else you could imagine! Air plants do not need soil as they “feed on” air and water absorbed in their foliage. For this reason, they need to be sprayed or submerged into water just once a month. However, you should be careful to hang them upside down after watering them so as to completely drain. Otherwise, there is a risk of decaying.
  • Herbs: Last but not least, we could not omit the choice of putting herbs and aromatic plants which apart from their decorative element, could also be used in cooking!From oregano, thyme or mint to chamomile, dittany and sage, you can plant whichever herb plant in your kitchen that will provide your recipes or infusions not only with their beneficial properties but also with a sense of nature and organic garden.

To conclude with, we would suggest you start growing houseplants immediately, especially in your kitchen! Choose the plants that you like most, that would suit the shape of your kitchen, creating in this way an outstanding “personality” of this beloved room. Boost your psychology, sharpen your creativity as well as your cooking skills and benefit from the purified air and the positive aura they will provide as well as their beneficial properties in your body.

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