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Clean Monday (also known as Ash Monday, Pure Monday or Monday of Lent) follows right after the Carnival celebrations and signifies the beginning of the Great Lent. For many Greeks. Clean Monday is the perfect opportunity to spend their time in the outdoors. Hence, many people choose to have picnic and fly a kite with their families and friends.

If you choose to spend Clean Monday at a park or a grove with your beloved ones picnicking, then consult our guidance below so that you will organize it properly!

#1 Choose the spot.

In fact, there are a lot of spots where one can have a picnic on Clean Monday, from parks, groves or mountains to beaches! Furthermore, you can choose a relatively organized spot with wood kiosks, tables and seats to be more comfortable. However, one thing to consider is whether you have your own transportation. If not, it would probably be difficult to carry too many things with you. In this case, it is suggested you choose an area close to your home.

#2 The essential accessories for the perfect picnic.

First and foremost, the essential accessory to have a picnic is the basket! You can find various types of picnic baskets, plastic or wood ones, in a variety of sizes. Just choose the one that is more convenient for you, depending on the number of persons and the foods you are going to carry.

Next, one more necessary picnic accessory is definitely a pretty plaid tablecloth or a blanket, upon which you will lay all your tubs with food, the drinks as well as plates and cups. Additionally, you can even purchase a blanket with waterproof reinforcement, making sure that it will stay dry in case the ground is damp due to moisture.

One camping fridge as well as several thermos flasks will keep your lenten foods, drinks and water cool!

Are you going to visit a grove? You could also take with you a hammock, hang it alongside your picnic and relax on it whenever you want!

If you are going to spend your time in an open-air area, such as a park and the sunshine is rather intense, you can also take a sun umbrella. This way, you will not have to worry about the sun and you will keep your foods in a shady place!

Last but not least, do not omit to get disposable cutlery, plates and cups that you will dispose of in a recycling bin once you finish picnicking! Therefore, make sure you have several large rubbish bags where you will gather everything you no longer need, disposing them of in special bins at the end.

#3 Create the appropriate atmosphere.

Just through very simple steps, you can create the appropriate picnic atmosphere on Clean Monday. Take a Bluetooth speaker with you to stream your favorite music and of course, “wear” your best mood to spend an unforgettable picnic day with your beloved ones!

Definitely, do not forget the kite so that you can get into the spirit of the day to the full. Below, you will find tips to make your own DIY kite!

Another good idea is to bring along a board game, a backgammon or a card deck to fill the hours with endless games!

#4 Picnic with…safety.

It is advisable to have the necessary protective accessories, such as hat and sunglasses, antiseptics, plenty of tissues and baby wipes (which literally clean everything!). Moreover, it is very important to also have a small first aid kit with painkillers, ammonia, plasters and gauzes, just in case!

#5 Exercise in the Nature

Εκμεταλλευτείτε το γεγονός ότι θα είστε στην ύπαιθρο και αφού ολοκληρώσετε το πικνίκ σας…ρίξτε το στην άσκηση! In case you visit a grove or a mountain, take bicycles with you or go hiking with your friends! Indeed, Clean Monday is an ideal opportunity to make the most of your contact with nature!

#6 DIY KiteCreate your own Kite.

Flying a kite on Clean Monday is half the fun, especially for children! Buying a ready-made kite is apparently the simplest way, however consider getting the necessary materials to make your own unique kite. Especially for a child, creating a kite themselves will make them feel creative, it will sharpen their imagination and definitely, it will make them feel much more content watching it flying high in the sky!

The steps to create your own kite are few and simple and require the following materials:

1.Three laths of 80cm each.

2. String

3. Nails (optionally)

4. Contact Paper

5. Scissors

6. Glue

First and foremost, place one lath horizontally and the other two diagonally upon it, thus forming an X (an imaginary hexagon). At this point, make sure that all the angles are equal, i.e. 60o.

Fix the laths together in the center with some string or alternatively, hammer some nails. Moreover, connect all their edges with a string, forming the hexagon.

Next, place the kite skeleton on the contact paper, mark with a pencil around the perimeter on the paper and then, make a second outline, 5cm larger than the first one. Cut out the second outline and stick with glue the edges along the sides of the skeleton.

Cut three pieces of string of 30cm each. Tie two pieces on the top two edges of the kite and the third one in the center. Afterwards, tie the strings together and make a hole in the center to pull them outside. Tie this piece with the piece of wood with the thick string.

For a successful kite flying, one should pay attention to its tail. To make the tail of the kite, cut two pieces of string -30cm each- and tie them on the two bottom edges of the kite. The string being tied with the tail should ideally be 5 times the height of the kite. Decorate the tail with pieces of colorful glossy paper that you have already cut into strips.

We are waiting you at our stores “Best Shop” in Skopelos and Skiathos , islands where you will find everything you need for a perfectly organized picnic!

We wish you a Happy Clean Monday!