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  • “Chalk Paint” of Mondo bello is a decorative watercolor that creates a matt finish and a variety of decorative effects, dichromes, vintage style, shabby chic.
  • Ideal for restoration and decoration of wooden furniture, walls or objects made of wood, glass, iron, marble, plastic, wallpaper, brick, cement, etc.
  • It is applied to any kind of surface, old and painted with color or varnish ones. For better adhesion, sand the surface with sandpaper from size 180 upwards.
  • It dries quickly, it has a great coverage and is available in many shades.
  • Available in White – P, ready shades and Bases D and TR.


Shake well before use.

  • The surfaces should be clean, dry and free from foreign bodies and substances and must be sanded with a proper sandpaper.
  • The Chalk Paint can be applied to the surface in 1 or 2 layers, depending on the hoped-for result.
  • For better adhesion, smoothen the surface with a sandpaper of No. 180 upwards
  • For two-colored effects:
  • You can apply two layers of different colors.
  • Once the surface is totally dry, locally sand the final color with a sandpaper, in the desired areas, until the previous shade starts to be visible and the surface acquires an impressive vintage or shabby chic look.
  • Apply with Wax of Mondo Bello or Chalk Varnish of TETRALUX for a different old-fashioned effect and further protection.
  • Artistic use only.
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