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  • Two-component epoxy Glue Logo Epoxy Fast 34ml.
  • Two-component epoxy glue, superfast solidification in 3 minutes.
  • The package includes 2 tubes of 17ml.
  • It glues almost everything! Logo Epoxy Fast glues most materials together, ideal for adhesives such as: iron, glass, steel, wood, plastic, fabric, leather, cement, marbles etc.
  • It glues even rough or irregular surfaces and covers cracks, gaps, dents Not suitable for several plastics such as polyethylene and Teflon.
  • Fast adhesive! Solidification in 3 minutes. The 50% of its adhesive properties develops immediately, in about one hour while the 100% of it in 24 hours.
  • Strong adhesive! It guarantees really strong adhesives, lifting up to 273kg/cm2 weight (3500 psi).
  • Discreet adhesive! Logo Epoxy Fast does clean, transparent adhesives, without being obvious if placed properly.
  • Durable adhesive! Well-resistant to adverse conditions such as: water, gasoline, acids and various solvents. Withstands up to +80oC.


  • Clean the surfaces to be glued very well. If necessary, “roughen” them with sandpaper.
  • Place equal amount of both tubes into the bucket which can be used in 3 minutes.
  • Mix with special putty knife until the mixture gets blurred.
  • Apply to the surfaces a thin layer of glue.
  • Bond as tightly as possible with adhesive tape, string, weight etc.
  • Clean any residue of glue left before being stabilized. Clean the bucket and the putty knife, softly bending them, once the glue is stabilized.
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