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Co-polymer emulsion for improving the mortar properties and the coatings.

Fields of application:

  • Masonry mortars (cement, sand, Revinex®, lime, water, Gavazzi® glass mesh)
  • Dosage: 1-3kg Revinex® / 50kg cement bag
  • Uses: Creation of high strength and waterproofing plasters.
  • Cement mortars (cement, sand, Revinex®, water).
  • Dosage: 3-10kg Revinex® / 50kg cement bag.
  • Uses: Creation of slopes, smoothing, curbs, grouting, tile bonding.
  • Concrete repair (Revinex®, Neorep® repair mortar). a)Dosage: 1kg Revinex® / 2-3kg Neorep® repair mortar to protect the reinforcement in two layers (with brush or brush). b)Dosage: 1-2kg Revinex® / 25kg Neorep® repair mortar to smooth the surface (by adding water to the mixture). Uses: Corrosion protection of metal frames, repairs of damaged concrete parts.
  • Bonding of old concrete to new concrete (cement, sand, Revinex®).
  • Dosage: (by volume): 1 part cement: 1 part sand (particle size 0-2 mm): 0,5 – 1 part Revinex® + water (as required)
  • Floor construction (cement, sand, gravel, Revinex®, water, Eurofiber® polypropylene fibres).
  • Dosage: 5-10kg Revinex® / 50kg bag of cement.
  • Uses: Floors with increased mechanical and chemical resistance, such as industrial and other floors in workshops, parking lots, food processing plants, laboratories.
  • Primer (cement, sand, Revinex®, water).
  • Dosage: 7-10kg Revinex® / 50kg cement bag.
  • Uses: Improvement of adhesion of cement mortar and coatings to the substrate, stabilization and waterproofing of building surfaces (e.g. exposed concrete, columns, walls, dormers, balconies).
  • Tile adhesive reinforcement (adhesive, Revinex®, water).
  • Dosage: 1-2kg Revinex® / 25kg tile adhesive.
  • Uses: Improve adhesion, waterproofing, flexibility in sensitive wet areas where tile is applied (e.g. swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens).
  • Primer for coating.
  • Dosage: 1kg Revinex® diluted with 3-4kg of water Indicative consumption 40-60gr/m2.
  • Uses: Enhances adhesion to building paints, elastomeric coatings (e.g. Neoroof®) and cementitious sealants.
  • Available also in 1Kg, 18Kg packages.
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