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  • Ameliorative resin for mortars and coatings for increased adhesion, elasticity, workability and enhanced waterproofing.
  • The SurfaMix C is added in cement-based mortars so as to increase their adhesion on the surfaces while it simultaneously enhances the elasticity, preventing the growth of capillary cracks on coatings and cement-based mortars.


  • The SurfaMix is a liquid water-based product used as admixture for cement-based mortars and improves their adhesion, restricts the shrinkage and the cracks while preventing the water penetration.
  • Cement mixture with SurfaMix C can be worked more easily and at the same time the time of workability is extended almost twice.
  • In addition, it restricts the phenomenon of weathering of the cement surface.


  • Masonry mortars (coatings and plasters), tile adhesives, coated mortars, grouts.


  • Shake well before use
  • Add SurfaMix C at a ratio of 5-10% of the cement used in the mixture or 2.5 – 5Kg SurfaMix C per 50Kg bag of cement.
  • As a tile adhesive enhancer use 0.5 L SurfaMix C in 25 kg.
  • SurfaMix C cannot be used as a concrete plasticizer in the load-bearing structure.
  • All application tools are cleaned with water.
  • For excellent waterproofing results, use SurfaPore C on the surface of the mortar once it has dried.
  • If you wish to paint with color, firstly prime with SurfaMix P, following the instructions.
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