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Double Square Grill Rack with wooden handle to prevent getting burnt.

Sizes: 05-10-01 – 33×28 cm 05-10-02 – 33×42 cm 05-10-03 – 37×46 cm

Suitable for all types of Barbeque with charcoals as well as liquid gas

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Grill racks for roasting on charcoals, for liquid gas grills, pan-seared grill racks, fish grills, stainless steel, chrome, vegetable grills

We have grill racks for all well-known brands so as to fit perfectly as well as Universal grill racks in various sizes for every grill.


Cleaning the grill rack may sound as a difficult process that takes much time. However, if you follow the steps below, you will soon make your grill rack shine…

1. Pyrolysis

Follow this method to clean the grill racks when the roasting is completed, as the fastest and easiest way to clean it.
Once you finish roasting, increase the grill temperature to the highest level.
After 15 minutes scrub the grill, very carefully, you with the appropriate cleaning brush until it is thoroughly cleaned

2. Wash the grill racks with warm water and soap.

Except for the pyrolysis method for cleaning the grill rack, make sure that after 4-5 roasts, you scrub them very well, using a mixture of warm water and soap. In this way, you achieve both their cleaning and their sanitizing in just one move thus avoiding the accumulation of grease on it.

3. Use the power of vinegar.

Even though cleaning the grill racks with soap and water is the most known method, many people prefer using vinegar instead. What you need is a sprayer bottle where you will add equal quantities of water and vinegar. Then spray your grill racks with the mixture and let it “sit” for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing them with a cleaning brush. This way does not require rinsing.