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Liquid Gas Barbecue Bormann Cast-iron grill rack with 3 Rings and Side Ring BBQ3100

With 3+1 Rings and cast-iron grill rack

It has two wheels for easy movement, automatic ignition switches and Inox thermometer

  • 3 Burners – Power: 3.6kW
  • Side burner – Power: 2.7kW
  • Total power: 10.8kg
  • Grill rack dimensions: 60x45cm
  • Cast-iron grill rack
  • 2 metal side shelves
  • INOX thermometer
  • Automatic ignition switches
  • Cleaning baking dish
  • Doors at the front
  • Transport wheels
  • Length: 122cm
  • Width: 57cm
  • Height: 110cm
  • Net Weight 29kg
  • Liquid Gas Barbeques do not include a pressure regulator and are delivered in factory packing (box)

Not delivered assembled.

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  1. Keep your grill clean: It is very important to keep your grill clean so that there will not be any ignitions and your meal will not have the taste of burnt grease.
  2. Limit the ignitions: Leave a part of your grill empty so as to move your roasts there in case of ignitions.
  3. Heat and sugar: If you roast marinated food or food with sauces that contain sugar, it is suggested to keep the temperature below 130oC.
  4. Spare liquid gas cylinder: Have you ever run out of gas while doing barbecue? Has it ever happened while you had a house full of guests? If you have the tendency to wait until the liquid gas is over to refill it, then it is bound to happen sometime. If you have a spare liquid gas cylinder, it will take you only several minutes to connect it and proceed with roasting!
  5. Use the right temperature: Even though your grill can reach very high temperatures, it does not mean that all meals should be roasted this way Thin pieces of meat such as lamb, beef, pork, burgers should be roasted very fast in high temperature. On the other hand, more “sensitive” meals such as fish, vegetables or chicken should be roasted in medium temperature. Large pieces of meat or a whole chicken should be roasted in lower temperatures.
  6. Warming-up the grill: Although it is a liquid gas grill, it does not mean you do not have to warm it up several minutes before roasting.
  7. Clean the grill rack after every roasting: Once you complete the roasting and while the grill is still hot, it is suggested to scrub the grill rack with a brush.
  8. Rotate the roasts: Rotating the roast is very essential for succeeding a uniform result for it However, a very frequent rotation may lead to a chewy, dry meal. Ideally, you should rotate your food just once.
  9. Check for gas leaking: Mix soap with water and scrub the upper part of the pipe and the liquid gas connections. Afterwards, turn on the gas with the lid of the grill being open. In case the soap forms big bubbles on the pipe or the gas connections, then this is a sign that you probably have gas leaking. Briefly: – Open the lid and turn on the liquid gas cylinder

    – Turn on the grill rack with the power button

    – Warm-up the grill for about 10 minutes

    – Clean the grill rack with a brush

    – Place the food on the grill rack and rotate it when necessary

    – Let the grill burn before turning it off.

    – Remove the food residues from the grill rack with a brush

    – Turn off the grill and the liquid gas cylinder

    – Let the grill rack get completely cold before covering it with the lid.