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Inventor NEO 9000/12000/18000/18000/24000 BTU air conditioners

  • Silent Operation 20dB(A)
  • WiFi
  • Air filters

The new Neo series of air conditioners comes to ensure the creation of conditions of absolute comfort in your space, while ensuring the removal of harmful microorganisms from the atmosphere. With the Ultraviolet Type C Technology and the Ionizer you enjoy healthy air in your room, while with the Breeze Away and 4-Directional Airflow functions the feeling of comfort is guaranteed!

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Ensure a clean atmosphere in your room free of germs and bacteria thanks to Ultraviolet Type C Technology and the Ionizer. The Ultraviolet Type C Technology ensures the hygiene of your room by eliminating microorganisms, thanks to the UV that produces ultraviolet C-type radiation of 265-275nm. The Ionizer helps to remove harmful suspended particles, providing a constant feeling of freshness.

Breeze Away

The Breeze Away function ensures that the air from the air conditioner is not directed towards you. During the Cooling, Fan and Dehumidification modes, the blinds are automatically adjusted to 35° while adjusting the fan speed so you can enjoy the right temperature in your room without the unpleasant feeling of wind.

Airflow of 4 directions

Ensure even air distribution in all directions and cover even the most difficult parts of the room. The design of the air conditioner series allows both horizontal and vertical movement of the blinds. Get naked & enjoy absolute comfort in every part of your home.

Silent Operation 20dB(A)

The indoor unit is designed to deliver high performance, with a low noise level of just 20dB(A), so you can enjoy excellent temperature conditions and absolute silence.

HEPA sterilization filter

Removes even the smallest amount of dust from the air. It also eliminates germs thus reducing the chances of allergies and illnesses, ensuring clean air in the room.