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Nordstar Air Conditioner TN INVENTER series – READY WiFi

A state-of-the-art technology in your house!

The new Life Pro series 9.000/12.000/18.000/24.000 btu/h, Energy Class A+++ ensures the maximum energy saving and enhances your ecological spirit with the new R32 coolant.

Enjoy a clean and hygienic environment. Save energy with the TN series, setting the function of your air conditioner whenever you wish to, thanks to the smart WiFi technology, with your Smartphone or Tablet.


The technological excellence of the TN air conditioner series offers the highest energy class A+++ in all climatological conditions for the maximum energy saving.

Wi-Fi Ready

Wherever you are, you can set your air conditioner easily with your Smartphone or Tablet. Download for free the application in Google Play and save energy, creating the environment you want, whenever you want.

*The WiFi Ready air conditioners have as prerequisite for their remote control a USB stick which can be bought at stores with electric products and air conditioners.

Ecological Coolant R32

The ecological coolant R32 with 68% lower global warming potential enhances even more the efficacy of your air conditioner and at the same time, it drastically contributes to the protection of the planet. It does not affect the ozone layer, but it helps reduce global warming by trapping smaller quantities of heat (GWP=675) and can be easily reused or recycled.

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  • All DC Inverter ErP: Compressor of high performance, low consumption and silent function.
  • Turbo Mode: the airflow increases at its peak in order to reach the selected temperature as soon as possible.
  • Sleep Mode: the unit gradually adjusts the comfort temperature for a pleasant sleep without disturbing cold.
  • Filters for dust and solid particles: washable, easily removable dust and particle retention filters for enhanced hygiene.
  • Automatic restart: with the last operational settings, in case of power failure.
  • Self-cleaning Mode: an operation of the interior unit to fight the growth of mold, bacteria and odor. Once the interior unit has shut down, the fan keeps operating for a while in order to remove moisture.
  • Timer: daily operation of precise activation/deactivation of the air conditioner at a specific scheduled time.
  • WiFi Ready: Wherever you may be, set your air conditioner with your Smartphone or Tablet, creating the environment you want, whenever you want.